Course Details

“Shhh … the South Shore’s Best Kept Secret”

The Weathervane Golf Club opened in South Weymouth, MA for its first year of operation in April 2010. After hearing many times that “there isn’t a golf course in Weymouth” we coined the phrase “Shhh the South Shore’s Best Kept Secret.” Those who discovered the secret raved about the condition of the course and its magnificent greens. Our new clubhouse has been accented with beautiful stone work, elegant landscapes, and the outstanding quality, and impressive craftsmanship evident in all of the Weathervane Company projects.  Join now and become a proud member of the Weathervane Golf Club and begin sharing some great times with family and friends. You can also view our other companies. Weathervane Construction and Development and Bates Brothers and J.F. Price.

The Weathervane Golf Club features 5 tee boxes on each hole.
The ladies generally use the Red and Yellow tees and the men can choose from Black, Blue and White.